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Daily Newspaper Home Delivery

Horizon Delivery’s team of experts has decades of newspaper circulation experience and are proud to bring this expertise to our partners to build the most efficient delivery model possible.

We constantly maintain the highest level of customer service, while holding the line on delivery expenses. By letting Horizon manage the daily delivery operations, our publishing partners are free to focus on compelling editorial content, developing new products, and servicing their advertising partners.

Weekly Non-Subscriber (TMC) Delivery

Horizon Delivery enjoys a strategic alliance with Global Ad Distribution, the publishing industry’s undisputed experts in TMC delivery.  By working with Horizon, publishers now have a “one-stop” solution to outsource all of their home delivery programs.

Global Ad Distribution boasts the publishing industry’s most successful and qualified TMC, alternate delivery and daily home delivery experts.

Small Parcel Last Mile Delivery

Horizon Delivery has the most talented and experienced logistics team in the industry.  We will work with your company to provide the most cost-effective and efficient delivery network.

We are partnered with the leading technology experts in the last mile space and will be introducing small parcel delivery to select markets in 2018. Stay tuned for breaking developments!

Horizon Delivery

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